Smeb Retires From Professional League of Legends

Smeb Retires
Smeb Retires / Photo courtesy of KT Rolster

Song "Smeb" Kyung-Ho has retired after eight strong years of playing professional League of Legends in the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK).

Smeb tweeted a long farewell and thank you to all his fans on Dec. 17. The tweet contains a link to a letter addressed to his fans too long for Twitter.

Smeb Retires From Professional League of Legends

The tweet is his first tweet since Nov. 18 when he posted that he was a free agent looking to sign with a team.

Smeb played his entire career in the LCK with a variety of teams. He started his career with NaB (a team that no longer exists) and ended with KT Rolster. He spent the longest time of his career with KT Rolster, serving as their top laner.

Smeb is noted as one of the best top laners in League of Legends to never have won a World Championship. His most played champion in competitive played ended as Rumble with 73 games played and a 61.6% win rate.

His 2019 season ended with a poor finish that led to him taking a split off to recoup and regain some confidence before he resigned with KT Rolster in May.

The League of Legends will surely miss one of the first-ever stars who helped launch competitive League of Legends as he enters retirement. For those still playing League of Legends and grinding your way to the top, make sure to check out the most underrated items in Preseason 2021 and the easiest way to share some holiday spirit with some League gift cards.