Smoke Grenades Seem to Still Cause Framerate Drops and Crashes on PUBG Xbox

On PUBG Xbox Reddit, a PUBG player expressed an issue while using smoke grenades in matches.

Apparently, when they use smokes or anyone else around them uses smoke grenades, the player has massive framerate drops and their Xbox crashes.

The Reddit post was met by many players that deal with the same issue even on a Xbox One X.

Not only does the post have plenty of players dealing with the same problem, a PUBG Corp community manager responded to the post, "Hey, sent you a DM!"

That's a bit unusual as PUBG Corp usually explains the reasoning behind problems in the post itself that way they can explain the problem to others as well. With a private DM, the problem could be either more problematic or more situational to that one player.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp