Sniper Ana Skin Arrives in Overwatch Archives

Sniper Ana hit live servers Thursday in the Archives event
Sniper Ana hit live servers Thursday in the Archives event / Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Sniper Ana skin hit Overwatch live servers Thursday in the surprise release of the Overwatch Archives event.

Sniper Ana Skin

Sniper Ana
Sniper Ana / Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Sniper Ana is the second Overwatch skin to depict the wizened Egyptian healer as her younger self. (The first was Captain Amari, released for a previous Archives event.) The description posted alongside Sniper Ana on the Overwatch website reveals that Ana received her ocular implants during her time with the Egyptian armed forces in the Omnic Crisis. Those implants made her and many other soldiers far more efficient.

The description also touches on Egyptian resistance fighters combatting the Omnic threat in small pockets for days without support, in part because of their implants.

Sniper Ana Price

As a Legendary event skin, Ana can be purchased for 3,000 coins or found in random loot boxes.

Sniper Ana Release Date

Sniper Ana went live alongside the 2020 Archives event on Thursday, March 12.

How to Get Sniper Ana

Sniper Ana can be unlocked with coins or through Archives loot boxes during the event.