League of Legends

Snow Moon Illaoi Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Fans can get their first taste of the new Snow Moon skin line on the PBE for League of Legends. The skin line seems to be the opposite of the popular Blood Moon skin line. The Blood Moon is a series of alternate future/universe skins set in the mythos of Ionia, it features champions as Ionian demons or cult worshipers of the Blood Moon.

As for its new counterpart, the Snow Moon seems to be their enemies, fighting for something more noble.

Snow Moon Illaoi Skin Splash Art

It's hard not to love Illaoi as a whole. The badass character strikes fear in the heart's of her enemies, and the same goes for the Snow Moon skin.

Snow Moon Illaoi Skin Price

Snow Moon Illaoi is expected to cost 1,350 RP in the store once it is released on live servers.

Snow Moon Illaoi Release Date

Though the Snow Moon skin line doesn't have a specific release date, Riot Games likes to test the skins on the PBE for one patch before releasing them on the next one. Since Patch 12.11 is coming out on Wednesday, June 8, expect these skins to hit the live servers in Patch 12.12 on June 23.

How to Get Snow Moon Illaoi

Once the skin hits live servers, you can purchase the skin in the in-game store.