Sofia Fortnite is the new skin added to Fortnite and is Halle Berry's character from John Wick's universe.

John Wick had a sudo skin back in Season 3 before Fortnite took over the globe. Now, Epic Games has had partnerships with Marshmello, Marvel, John Wick and more!

Sofia Fortnite: Halle Berry Gets a Fortnite Skin

For the third John Wick film. Epic Games added an actual John Wick skin and LTM. It gets even better with a Sofia skin. You can use her skin while doing 14 Days of Summer challenges.

14 Days of Sumer, a special two week Fortnite event, brings about new Limited time modes, challenges and rewards, item shop cosmetics and more. In fact, there are 14 different LTMs with one taking place and lasting each day.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games