Sojourn Abilities Explained Alongside Gameplay Trailer

Sojourn brings Canadian justice to the world.
Sojourn brings Canadian justice to the world. / Courtesy of Blizzard

Sojourn's brand new gameplay trailer just dropped, and it showcases the abilities and features the new hero will sport when Overwatch 2 launches.

With a very fast, fluid style of gameplay, not unlike Soldier 76, Sojourn has exciting potential when it comes to how she'll end up playing on the field.

New Sojourn Abilities Revealed

Here's how Blizzard describes each of Sojourn's abilities:

  • Railgun: Primary Fire shoots rapid firing projectiles that generate energy on impact; Secondary Fire shoots a high impact shot that consumes stored energy.
  • Power Slide: Ground slide that can cancel into a high jump
  • Disruptor Shot: Launch an energy shot that slows and deals damage to enemies within it
  • Overclock (Ultimate): Railgun energy auto-charges for a short duration and charged shots pierce enemies

In the gameplay trailer, Sojourn strikes one as a more well-rounded, jack-of-all-trades hero. When she's first showcased, she seems to only be equipped with an assault rifle-type weapon. However, that changes quickly as the trailer moves along

After successfully taking out the enemies Sombra and Baptiste, she then stands face to face with Genji. Sojourn outmaneuvers the Genji, using one of her abilities, a rocket-assisted dash, to get behind him, before hitting him hard with her gun's alternative fire, a high-powered railgun shot.

Sojourn Abilities
What looks to be one of Sojourn's abilities: a movement affecting grenade launcher title a "Disruptor" / Courtesy of Blizzard

Soon after, both teams clash in an open field, where Sojourn manages to break the enemy line by dashing right under their line of fire, then firing an arm-mounted grenade into the center mass of the team. That slows them down while dealing heavy damage.

Finally, the team makes a last push, where Sojourn unleashes the true power of her railgun, lining up a single shot, and taking out several members of the enemy team in one go.