Sojourn Abilities Wishlist for Overwatch 2

Sojourn will be a new addition to the DPS category.
Sojourn will be a new addition to the DPS category. / Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Sojourn is a hero that has been teased for a while, but we finally got to see her in action during the first day of BlizzConline where Jeff Kaplan and the development team explained what the future holds for Overwatch 2. During the announcement, they also showed clips of Sojourn gameplay and the community got to see her skills in combat as well as her railgun.

We did not, however, get to see the talent tree skills that are being talked about so much. Not Sojourn's, at least. As someone who enjoys the game, here are some skills and abilities I wish to see in Sojourn.

1. Anti-Shield Damage Increase

As someone who plays Orisa and Sigma, you might think I am insane, but hear me out: the tank meta is fun for me right now, but it renders most of the damage characters who use projectiles (as well as some healers) somewhat useless. And while characters like Reaper are great at handling tanks like Winston, D.Va and Roadhog, having another "tank-buster" in the game who can also take care of shields could possibly change the meta. So, I wish Sojourn could have a talent that allows her to deal increased damage against shields and barriers in order to be handle tanks.

2. A Projectile That Passes Through Heroes/Enemies

So this is a tricky one, but I would want to see the railgun emit a projectile that can pass through heroes. Think of Moira's ultimate ability if it were a projectile. This would make Sojourn a great hero to counter shield-heroes, and some members of the community do believe that the ability could go through enemy barrier (nothing has been officially confirmed on behalf of the Overwatch team. Below is their official day 1 recap with some Sojourn footage.

After seeing the clips, that's really all that comes to mind regarding talents, since Sojourn appears to be mobile with an ability to slide away from danger. Her damage output is interesting since players are encouraged to wait in order for her weapon to charge. While this is mostly speculation, my only concern would be that maybe she is too strong. So much so that she receives the Ana treatment of being nerfed, then buffed, nerfed, then buffed over and over.

Alas, these are just guesses. What skills or talents do you wish Sojourn would have?