Sojourn Lore: Everything You Need to Know

Courtesy of Activision Blizzard

With Overwatch 2 being only a few scant months away, Blizzard has started to share more information about the heroes coming to the game, including the lore behind Sojourn.

Appearing early on in Overwatch 2's PVP Beta trailer, Sojourn was shown off for approximately eight seconds, letting us see her face, her voice, and the fact she used a railgun, before moving on to the next character. Now, however, we have a much clearer picture of the character as a whole, with the new trailer that has just been released this past week.

Sojourn Origin Story

Sojourn was already an elite soldier before joining the ranks of Overwatch, attached to what she simply calls "The Canadian Special Forces." It's unclear whether this is a made-up special forces like Germany's Crusaders, or actual special forces like the Canadian JTF-2.

Regardless, Overwatch and the special forces teamed up to better take on the Omnic threat, which is where the Overwatch leader, Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76), took a liking to Sojourn, and invited her to join Overwatch after the war was over.

During her intro monologue, Sojourn states that she ran a variety of duties from being an active field agent, to commanding the operation herself. This, along with her stated rank of Captain, suggests she took on a leadership role similar to Morrison.

In the final bit of her story scene, we also see hints of cybernetic augmentations, such as her eyes glowing as she puts on her motorcycle helmet, along with her cybernetic arm moving and shifting in the end credits, signifying her enhanced abilities present in her gameplay trailers. This may indicated Overwatch was so impressed by her skills and abilities as a commander that they thought she was worth investing high end cybernetics in.

Overall, Sojourn seems like an exciting new character with a lot of potential for Overwatch 2, especially considering its more structured, narrative-based approach.