Sojourn Overwatch: 3 Potential Roles Sojourn Could Play

Sojourn Overwatch became one of the biggest talking points in the community Monday as it's that time of the year when Blizzard releases the yearly Archives PvE mode for Overwatch. This year's event is titled Storm Rising and it looks like it will take place in Havana, Cuba while involving a tropical storm. 

As such, fans have already started wondering what roles could be for Sojourn, a new character who was introduced to the Overwatch community in Monday's teaser. Here are three possible roles for the new member of the Overwatch universe.

Sojourn Overwatch Possible Roles

The Administrator

Hearing Soujourn's recording reminded me of the Administrator from Team Fortress 2. The Administrator was the booming, slightly disappointed voice heard in every mission who gave orders to both teams. So perhaps Soujourn fulfills such a role for Overwatch. Perhaps they don't go on missions and instead serve as an administrative role. But the fact that they gives orders to Commander Morrison and has worked with the Strike Team leads me to believe that Sojourn must have some combat experience or abilities.

Future Support Hero?

If Sojourn is in fact an active agent for Overwatch, it seems like they would play more of a supporting role. We currently have no indication about any of Sojourn's abilities, but judging from voice, Sojourn seems to be approaching middle age. Perhaps Sojourn was a powerful operative when younger, but like Ana, now only seldom enters the battlefield.

Nothing More Than AI

Maybe Soujourn is nothing more than an AI system. It could be like Athena, from Winston's short film "Recall," and just be the voice of Overwatch's mainframe. But does this disembodied voice have a physical form too? Hopefully, the Storm Rising event will provide some more clues.

Photo Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment