Sola's Scar Destiny 2: How to Get and God Rolls

This sword is one of two caster frames
This sword is one of two caster frames / Photo Courtesy of Bungie

How do players get Sola's Scar in Destiny 2 and what is its god roll? Sola's Scar is a solar sword that also happens to be a caster frame, meaning its heavy attack is a ranged elemental slash. It's Trials of Osiris exclusive, so players will have to hop in that game mode to earn it. Today, we'll be detailing how players can get it and what to look for in it.

Sola's Scar Destiny 2: How to Get

This sword is one of many Trials of Osiris gear that's on a rotation. Trials happens every weekend, and in each instance, the earnable gear changes. There's usually a different reward each week for getting three wins, five wins, and seven wins. However, players that may not be the most skilled can complete a bounty where all they have to do is complete matches, and they can earn the three-win reward. Fortunately, this week's Trials of Osiris reward happens to be Solar's Scar. So players can farm it by getting three wins and resetting their Trials card, or get it three times by completing the bounty on each character.

Sola's Scar God Rolls

Once players get their sword, they should be looking for a couple of things in their rolls. For both PvE and PvP, players should want a Honed or Jagged Edge for the first column and a swordmaster's or balanced guard for the second (although this column isn't super important for PvP). However, what players should want for the last two columns will differ depending on what they want to use it for. In PvE players will want relentless strikes in the third column and for the last, either vorpal weapon for boss damage or chain reaction if it'll be used for clearing adds. As for PvP, they'll want Tireless Blade in the third column to get more ammo, and Assassin's Blade in the last to increase mobility.