Solar Array Fortnite is nearly all players have to go on in their efforts to complete the Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass challenges for Week 9. The locations in question are spread far and wide across the Fortnite map. Here's where to find them.

Solar Array Fortnite: Where to Find a Solar Array in the Snow, Desert and Jungle

There are three solar arrays in Fortnite right now, and this Week 9 challenge has players seeking out all three. The three arrays represent the three of the most dominant biomes in Fortnite: snowy tundra, desert sands and verdant jungle.

The snow solar array is the easiest to find, as it can be stumbled upon at Frosty Flights. It's the only solar array that can be found essentially right inside a named location.

Next easiest to find is the solar array in the desert. This one lies dead east of Paradise Palms on top of the mountain beside the city.

Finally, the jungle solar array can be found northeast of the four hotsprings themselves northeast of Lazy Lagoon. If you have trouble finding it, simply follow the northern coast of the island east from the hotsprings — you should see the array on top of a hill along the coast.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games