Solar Eclipse Kayle Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Photo by Riot Games

Solar Eclipse Kayle was announced as one of seven new League of Legends skins coming to the game in the near future.

Kayle is joining the Solar Eclipse line alongside Sivir and Sejuani. Additionally, Riot Games announced Lunar Eclipse Aatrox, Senna, Lunar Eclipse Senna Prestige Edition, Gangplank the Betrayer and Sea Dog Yasuo. The Lunar and Solar skins are some of the most popular skins in the game, so fans are excited to see six new additions to the line.

Here's everything you need to know about Solar Eclipse Kayle.

Solar Eclipse Kayle Skin Splash Art

Photo by Riot Games

Solar Eclipse Kayle is pictured alongside Lunar Eclipse Aatrox in the promotional image. Once these skins hit live servers, they'll be separated into their own individual splash arts. Seeing the two champions in their new attire pitted against each other makes for an epic set piece.

Solar Eclipse Kayle Skin Price

Solar Eclipse Kayle is expected to cost 1,350 RP once the skin hits live servers.

Solar Eclipse Kayle Release Date

Solar Eclipse Kayle is expected to arrive after the Anima event ends. Anima tokens will leave the loot tab on May 9, so expect Kayle and the rest of the new skins to arrive in the following patch tied to an event.

How to Get Solar Eclipse Kayle in League of Legends

Once the skin hits live servers, players will be able to purchase the skin in the store for RP. Additionally, players can try their luck in the loot tab with various methods. Opening a chest, re-rolling random skin shards, or unlocking it with Orange Essence are all possible, but not guaranteed.