Solved: Is Madden 21 Crossplay?

Is Madden 21 crossplay compatible gameplay?
Is Madden 21 crossplay compatible gameplay? / Photo courtesy of EA Sports

Is Madden 21 crossplay compatible? The question is oft asked this time of year, as friends across different platforms want to know if they can play the new Madden title online with each other.

Less than a week away from the anticipated Madden 21 release date, players and fans alike are seeking answers. If you've pre-ordered an MVP or Elite Edition of Madden 21 then you'll have access Aug. 25. Those of you who purchased, or will be purchasing the standard edition, the title will go live on Aug. 28.

One of the biggest questions facing some players, is which system to purchase Madden 21 for. Thankfully, EA Sports has confirmed that a free upgrade will be made available for those who purchase the game on a system that will be going next-gen in the near future. That leaves just one question, is Madden 21 crossplay?

Is Madden 21 Crossplay?

For those who were hoping to play Madden 21 on a crossplay platform, the disappointment will be real. Unfortunately, an official Madden community manager has confirmed in the EA Forums, that Madden 21 will not be a crossplay title.

This is likely due to EA having to account for consoles going next-gen half way through the shelf life of this years Madden. Potentially Madden 22 will offer crossplay between platforms, but for now players will have to enjoy playing head to head within their own console universe.