Sombra Gets a Mad Hatter Halloween Terror Skin in Fan Design

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Sombra was one of many characters who did not receive a new Halloween-themed skin for this year's event. Though, one fan, Luca Albrecht, took things into their own hands and designed their own, deciding Sombra more than deserved a new spooky look.

Inspired by the Mad Hatter from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the skin uses fun and vibrant colors yet still conveys the spooky theme of Halloween. Despite the fun outfit, Sombra bears. menacing demeanor and looks like she's waiting for her opportunity to strike.

The skin does an excellent job balancing the Mad Hatter's costume with Sombra's default look. The first way Luca does is this is through making purple the predominant color of the outfit, a color that is quintessentially tied to Sombra within the world of Overwatch. Sombra's dress, socks, and hat are all primarily purple, which is consistent with her default skin.

Sombra's Mad Hatter skin comes with a mini version of the all too familiar, and titular, hat associated with Carroll's character. Moreover, his iconic pocket watch is integrated into the skin twice, once as a necklace adorning Sombra's neck and again on the back of Sombra's navy jacket. The boots and striped socks typical to the Mad Hatter's look also appears in this skin, twisted to fit the general aesthetic and color scheme of the rest of Sombra's outfit.

Sombra Gets a Mad Hatter Halloween Terror Skin in Fan Design
A fan designed Sombra Mad Hatter skin looks like the real deal and has fans begging for Blizzard to add it in for Halloween Terror / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Finally, the spool of thread sash that always hangs across Carroll's Mad Hatter's chest is also, of course, a part of the kit, adding more vibrant color to the outfit.

Fans highly praised this intricate design, requesting that it actually be developed and added to the game by Blizzard. Unfortunately, it is too late for Luca's fan design to be added this year, but you never know. Blizzard may reach out to Luca and make their concept a reality for Halloween Terror 2022.