Sombra Players Call for Buffs in Overwatch 2

Courtesy of Blizzard

After the first Overwatch 2 Beta, there have been a number of fixes and requests by fans, either nerfing some characters or buffing others. However, it seems that Sombra has received the most requests for a tune-up following her terrible pick rate.

Overwatch 2's beta has come to a close, and already a flood of requests are coming through by fans as to what additions they want added to the game. With things ranging from annoyance about a lack of a second tank to arguments about Orisa's rework, it seems as if the game has no lack in required improvements.

However, if there's one character that's been universally panned by fans, it's Sombra. The popular hacker has become widely hated in the sequel due to her focus on 1v1 tactics, and extremely low win rate. The sequel has reduced her lock-out ability to only a single second, acting as more of a disruptive attack rather than disabling their abilities for extended periods of time. This has made her an extremely unpopular choice and is seen more as a sub-par damage dealer, rather than the more utilitarian role she normally plays. Many have swarmed Blizzard forums, Reddit posts, and Twitter threads demanding a series of buffs for the character.

While Blizzard has not confirmed any future changes for the character, she will no doubt be one of the first in line for a new set of buffs.