Sombras Simultaneously Camp One Another's Translocators

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Sometimes great minds think alike and this Reddit clip from user u/ProperMonk captured one of these times. In the clip, u/ProperMonk follows the two opposing Sombras as they both watch the other's translocator hoping to get a surprise attack after their opponent teleports. After a little waiting game, viewers can see why taking action pays off.

After the attacking Sombra, Darthos, decides they are tired of waiting and destroys the translocator of the defending Sombra, Softy chaos ensues. While waiting in the attackers' backline, Softy uncloaks and begins shooting them until Widowmaker pushes her. As Softy and Widowmaker duel, Darthos teleports back and assists Widowmaker in killing Softy.

Just what exactly leads to this strange battle? Let's dive in and find out.

While watching her counterpart's translocator, Darthos uncloaks herself to hack the health pad next to Softy's translocator. Meanwhile, Softy has also uncloaked, but chooses not destroy Darthos' translocator, instead electing to fire at other attacker's nearby. This choice is quite odd as Softy no longer has an escape route but leaves Darthos with one.

Predictably, one of the attackers, Widowmaker, turns and begin to pressure Softy who is essentially a sitting duck, with no invisibility nor translocator. Simultaneously, Darthos teleports back after fighting the defending Ana. Now, in a 2v1, Softy quickly dies unable to escape from or overpower the two attackers.

The play is set up by Darthos recognizing Softy is likely somewhere in the attacker's backline as their translocator is set up so close to a heath pack near spawn. Destroying this beacon then cuts off Softy's means of escape. Softy also has incredibly poor decision making here, uncloaking and shooting after their beacon, and an escape route, has been destroyed. The rest is just a classic 2v1 where numbers overwhelm Softy.

Plays like this may soon disappear as the upcoming Overwatch 2 will come with a Sombra rework set to be unveiled at the Overwatch League Grand Finals. The OWL Grand Finals will take place on Saturday, Sept. 25.