Sony Aiming for More Acquisitions Following Bungie Buyout

More studio acquisitions are expected from Sony.
More studio acquisitions are expected from Sony. / SONY

PlayStation President and CEO Jim Ryan says Sony's decision to buy out Halo and Destiny creator Bungie will be the first of multiple acquisitions coming in the near future.

Speaking to' Christopher Dring, Ryan was open about the plan to acquire more studios, but careful not to name any companies in particular Sony had its eyes on.

Sony announced its plan to acquire Bungie earlier this week for a staggering $3.6 billion. The acquisition was a surprising one for several reasons. Bungie made its name creating Halo for the original Xbox, after which Microsoft acquired the company. The two parted ways in 2007, after the creation of the first Destiny game. Bungie enjoyed independence up until news of the Sony deal broke, completing the studio's arc away from being synonymous with Microsoft and Xbox.

Bungie may be the highest profile acquisition in recent Sony history, but it's far from the only one. In 2021, Sony acquired development studios Housemarque, Bluepoint Games and Firesprite. It also bought Nixxes, which specializes in porting games, and co-development studio Valkyrie. Expect the number of Sony-owned studios to keep growing as 2022 continues.