Sony Preparing Answer to Xbox Game Pass

Sony boss Jim Ryan has teased an answer to Xbox Game Pass from Sony.
Sony boss Jim Ryan has teased an answer to Xbox Game Pass from Sony. / Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan hinted at a forthcoming Sony answer to Xbox Game Pass in an interview with TASS, saying there is "news to come" about how PlayStation will aim to compete on the games subscription front.

Ryan opted not to share details in the Q&A, instead directing attention to the already available PlayStation Now subscription service, which allows players to stream PS2, PS3, and PS4 games on the PS5. Sony also offers the PS Plus Collection, a bundle of the best PlayStation games that are already included in the cost of a PlayStation Plus subscription. If Ryan is excluding these two facets of Sony's game plan when saying there's upcoming news, it appears likely Sony is working on either an entirely new service or substantial addition to one of its pre-existing offers.

Xbox Game Pass offers subscribers access to an ever-changing list of games for a monthly subscription. It's one of the central pieces in Microsoft's strategy to acquire new customers. Many of the most anticipated titles in the Xbox Series X/S library will appear in Game Pass, making it a compelling value proposition for gamers.