Sony Reveals Uncharted 4 Coming to PC to Investors

Nathan Drake is coming to PC
Nathan Drake is coming to PC / Photo by Naughty Dog

Uncharted fans won’t have to worry about its fourth installment of the series, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, being a PlayStation exclusive anymore as Sony has revealed plans for the title to be heading to the PC gaming market.

In a report presented to investors, Sony showcased plans for the popular franchise to hit the PC shelves. It’s all part of the company’s strategy in its attempt to find new IPs as well as target new demographics and geographies in the gaming space.

Survival horror game, Days Gone, arrived on the popular video game digital distribution service, Steam, on May 19. This gives good credence to the possibility of Uncharted following suit.

Sony admitted to losing money on every PS5 it sells in its earnings report released in Feb. of this year. To combat this, the company has thought of new ways or possible new opportunities it can create for itself and its investors. Days Gone and Uncharted 4’s possible availability in their new markets can help remedy that.

To coincide with the future movement of their PlayStation exclusives moving to PC, Sony has also been tapping into the mobile gaming market. This was seen in their ads for an executive that would solely focus on mobile gaming; bringing its “most popular franchises” to mobile. This was done back in April.