Sources: ESL requests vote for Road to Rio Coach Participation

Photo by Helena Kristiansson/ESL
Photo by Helena Kristiansson/ESL

ESL has requested participation in a vote from all teams for the first ESL One Road to Rio tournament about coach eligibility in the event, according to multiple sources. The deadline for the vote is set for roughly 24 hours after the message was received by teams today.

The vote features two options, with the first allowing coaches to participate on the server as well as communicate in the team voice chat. The second option will bar coaches from participating in the server and will also disallow them from participating in the voice chat. Instead of the decision being made based on the majority of votes, it will instead be “all or nothing.” Should even one team vote for the second option, coaches will not be allowed to participate.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the ESL One Rio Major was postponed until November instead of its original date in May. As a result, the second Major of 2020 will not be played. To adjust for the significant gap from the StarLadder Berlin Major, Valve introduced the ESL One Road to Rio, which will feature three tournaments that will ultimately decide which teams will play at the actual Major. At least the first event will be played online, with the other two tentatively scheduled for later in the year.

The North American tournament starts on April 22 and will run until May 10, while the European tournament will start the same day but extend an extra week. The South American tournament will start on the 22nd but only last four days. Starting on April 30th is the CIS tournament followed by the Oceania and Asia tournaments on May 6th.

Valve recently announced more information about the Road to Rio and how the Regional Major Rankings decide which teams will qualify for the ESL One Rio Major.

DBLTAP has reached out to representatives of ESL for comment.