Sources: Snappi Transfer to TIGER Official, Despite Near Cancellation

TIGER has officially acquired Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer from the Heroic organization, according to multiple sources. Despite recent considerations to cancel the transfer by TIGER, it was completed earlier this week but is unknown if Snappi will ever join its roster.

Snappi is currently on loan to Astralis until Patrick "es3tag" Hansen’s contract runs out with Heroic, so he can join instead. The need for replacement players by Astralis comes from Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander and Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth stepping down last month to take personal time away from the game. It is expected that gla1ve will take three months off before returning, while it is unknown how long Xyp9x will remain on the sidelines.

Owen "smooya" Butterfield was originally slated to play for TIGER with Snappi but recently announced he was once again a free agent. This leaves Snappi under the control of TIGER for the foreseeable future following his stand-in period with Astralis. It is unclear if Snappi will join TIGER at a later date or how he will be released from his contract in the near future.

TIGER finished in first place in the ESL One: Road to Rio Asia tournament last month with its full Mongolian roster. If the team was to make a roster move, it would lose 20% of the points won per roster move made. It is unknown when the next stage the Road to Rio will take place for teams in Asia, although cs_summit 6 and WePlay! Clutch Island are set as the next next stages for North America, Europe and CIS regions.