Spacer Outfit Outer Worlds: How to Obtain

The Spacer Outfit in The Outer Worlds is one of the many ways you can customize your character during adventures through the far reaches of outer space. How can you obtain a full Spacer outfit, and what makes it so special?

Spacer Outfit Outer Worlds

The Spacer Outfit is one of the many outfits obtainable at the merchant shops in Groundbreaker and Fallbrook. Spacer armor will often need to be purchased in separate pieces, as the Spacer Headgear and Spacer Bodyplate. Getting this armor will require some patience, as they may not be in stock at either of this merchant stalls. Check back frequently, though, as they are constantly restocking their respective inventories.

Once you have obtained the complete set of Spacer Armor, you will be able to complete the quest "Makes Spaces Suits, Won't Travel," in which you are tasked by Celeste Jolicoeur in the Prosperity Plaza of Byzantium to help manufacture several space suits and sets of armor. While this quest isn't mandatory, it is essential for getting a key piece of armor that will help you throughout the game, called the Chimaera set. This unique armor can only be obtained by completing this quest.

Image Courtesy Obsidian Entertainment