Spirit Blossom Lillia Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Lillia is League of Legends' newest champion.
Lillia is League of Legends' newest champion. / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Lillia is the first skin coming out for League of Legends' next champion.

Riot Games reveals the newest addition to League of Legends, Lillia the bashful bloom. With Lillia comes the launch of a new skin line, Spirit Blossom.

Spirit Blossom Lillia Splash Art

While no official splash art for Lillia has been released, expect to see the bashful blooms bright new skin on the PBE in the near future.

Spirit Blossom Lillia Skin Price

There's been no official announcement confirming the price of the new Lillia skin, but expect to pay between 975 to 1,350 Riot Points.

Spirit Blossom Lillia Release Date

Spirit Blossom Lillia is expected to be released along with Lillia in Patch 10.15, but be sure to keep an eye out for the Bashful Bloom on the PBE.

How to Get the Spirit Blossom Lillia Skin

There are three ways to acquire the Spirit Blossom Lillia skin. First you can purchase the skin directly from the league of legends in-game store. If you're lucky, you can re-roll three random skin shards for a chance to unlock a permanent skin shard. Lastly, if you acquire a Spirit Blossom Lillia skin shard from a loot box you can permanently unlock it with orange essence.