Splatoon 3's Story Mode Explained


Sept. 9 marked the release of Splatoon 3, the third installment to the ultra popular paint shooter from Nintendo. Not only did the newest game in the series update gameplay and improve older game modes, but it brought the first ever truly fleshed out story mode to the series.

Titled "Return of the Mammalians" the story mode in Splatoon 3 continues the war with the Octarians, led by the nefarious DJ Octavio. Here's what to expect when starting Splatoon 3's story mode.

Splatoon 3's Story Mode Explained

Players will be introduced to Agent 3, the protagonist of the story. Agent 3 is a member of the Squidbeak Splatoon, and their main objective is to take down Octavio and retrieve the Great Zap Fish. The new mode sees new characters and old ones, with the triumphant return of Callie and Marie, the original Splatoon heroes. Despite the return of old characters, the only appear in cinematics, as the campaign mode is strictly single player.

There's an overworld players can explore, and use to travel to different levels that have a multitude of objectives and challenges, ensuring that repeativness won't be an issue. Each level plays like a regular paint war game, with players utilizing their paint powers and diverse set of weapons to take out enemies.