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Splitgate Beta Season 2 Out Now

Image courtesy of 1047 Games

Splitgate beta Season 2 is out now for players to update their game with. The portal hopping shooter received a huge update, bringing with it new features highlighted by a new battle pass, new maps, game modes, and even a brand new matchmaking system. Here's everything you need to know about Splitgate Season 2, out now.

Splitgate Beta Season 2 Out Now

Splitgate only began its now-adopted seasonal system, similar to many other free-to-play games, back in January, despite being out since 2019. It didn't really pick up steam until late 2021 before the Season 1 update kicked off this new life cycle of Splitgate.

Splitgate Season 2 brings both quality of life updates and gameplay updates to the game. Perhaps the most important addition to Splitgate Season 2 is the updated matchmaking system. This new system aims to remove the number of bots players will encounter in their multiplayer matchups, meaning that high level gameplay should be almost exclusively player vs player from now on.

Numerous maps have been rebuilt or introduced for the first time, offering players a deeper gameplay experience with more portal walls and variety to choose from as you play. Three new game modes push the grand total up to 23 different modes. Additionally, there is now an in-game map creator, which you can share with friends via download code to play matches on.

Of course, there are brand new rewards on the all-new Splitgate battle pass as well. The Season 2 battle pass features 100 reward tiers, going all the way up to the Pro 10 tier. Splitgate is free to play on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.