Splitgate Game Modes: Full List

Splitgate's got plenty of game modes. Here are the rules for each.
Splitgate's got plenty of game modes. Here are the rules for each. / Photo courtesy of 1047 Games

Splitgate's many game modes offer a variety of ways to enjoy the mind-bending first-person arena shooter. Some of them are standards of the first-person shooter genre, but a few pull specifically from one of its greatest inspirations — Halo — and a few are original creations of the Splitgate team. Here are all the game modes in Splitgate.

Splitgate Game Modes: Full List

Team Deathmatch

This is the standard game mode in shooters, and you'll find no tweaks to the formula here. Two teams of four fight to reach the kill limit first.

Free for All

Six players fight, and the first player to hit the kill limit wins the game. This can sometimes be played as a ranked mode, in which case the kill limit is set at 25.

King of the Hill

Teams compete over a single capture point, and the team that succeeds in capturing it wins the match.


Teams compete over three positions spread around the map. Holding these positions adds score for a team. The first team to reach the score limit wins.

Capture the Flag

Two teams work to infiltrate the other's base, where they can grab that team's flag and return it to their own base to score a point. The team with the most score at the end of the time limit wins the match.

Teabag Confirmed

In an homage to classic Halo BM, Teabag Confirmed is a team deathmatch mode in which players must teabag the players they kill in order for the kill to count toward their team's score. First team to reach the score limit wins.


Another pull from Halo, this Deathmatch spin uses battle rifles and pistols and makes headshots instant kills. The game mode can be used in free-for-all, two-vs-two, solo, Instagib (more on that later) and Teabag Confirmed.


A third Halo pull. In Oddball, players fight over a ball that they have to hold onto to earn points. The longer one holds the ball, the more points they earn. This can be played in free-for-all or team versions.


In Instagib, an homage to classic arena shooters like Quake, players are given a Railgun that fires instantaneously. Players can kill each other in a single shot, either in free-for-all or team settings.


A team mode in which one player on each side is designated the VIP. Each team must defend its VIP, and only VIPs can use portals.

Laser Tag

Players in this game mode only have 30 health, which amounts to an instant death in most conflicts.


Player loadouts are randomized on death. Can be played free-for-all or as a team mode.

One in the Chamber

Players get a single bullet in their guns, and die in a single shot. Once they've fired their bullet, they have to kill an enemy to have it restored. Can be played in free-for-all or in teams.

Neutral Capture the Flag

Rather than infiltrate an enemy base, teams in this game mode compete over a flag that spawns in a neutral position, returning it to their own base for points.

Gun Game

Players all start with the same weapon. Every time they kill another player, they progress to a new one. A player wins by cycling through all the weapons in the game first.


Takedown is essentially elimination deathmatch. The more a player dies, the longer their respawn timer becomes. If all the players on one team are dead at once, that team loses the round. The team that wins four rounds wins the match.


Basically Takedown, but players don't respawn at all during rounds.

VIP Takedown

Takedown, but each round a new player is chosen as the VIP. Eliminating the enemy VIP wins the round for your team. Win enough rounds and you'll win the game.