Square Enix Advising Players to Change Final Fantasy 14 Passwords Due to Hack

Square Enix

Square Enix is undergoing a third party hack, and is advising players to change their passwords and make use of One-Time Passwords until it's been fixed.

As reported by GamesRadar, Square Enix issued a blog post on the Final Fantasy 14 Lodestone site detailing that the company is currently dealing with a hack attempt. The post read, "We are currently experiencing an attack by a third party that is attempting to gain access to the Square Enix Account Management System by using a combination of email addresses and passwords that appear to have been obtained from other online services of other companies."

"Using the same email address and password combination for your Square Enix account as you do for other online services increases the possibility of a third party gaining unauthorized access to your Square Enix account," the post warned.

"Should you happen to be using the same email address and password combination on your Square Enix account as you do for another service, or if you are using a password that can be easily guessed, we strongly recommend changing your password immediately."

The company has advised players to use One-Time Passwords which authenticate a user for a single login, making them effective against certain spyware.

The post ends by informing players that, should the issue persist, they may initiate a password reset for all Square Enix accounts.