Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy 7 25th Anniversary Stream

Image courtesy of Square Enix

A short broadcast has been set for June 16th, celebrating the 25th anniversary of iconic JRPG Final Fantasy 7.

Today, Square Enix has announced a 25th anniversary stream, lasting roughly 10 minutes, for Final Fantasy 7. Tetsuya Nomura, artist and writer for the original Final Fantasy 7 and director of Final Fantasy VII: Remake, said, "At only around 10 minutes long, it will be short and sweet, but we have packed in lots of information, so I hope everyone can look forward to the unveiling.”

Talk of incoming news on the follow-up to Final Fantasy VII: Remake has been circulating for while now, with Nomura confirming back in May that more infomation has been planned for June.

Fans have been quick to take this as a sign that part two of the remake could be announced as part of the broadcast. While Square Enix has yet to confirm that they'll be unveiling part two, or what their plans are for the majority of the short presentation, it'll likely be an excting show for die-hard fans regardless.

How to Watch Final Fantasy 7 25th Anniversary Stream

If you want to ensure you don't miss out on anything as it happens, then here's how to tune into the broadcast:

Fans can catch the show on the official Square Enix YouTube channel, here. The broadcast will be kicking off on June 16th, at 6 p.m. ET.

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