Stadia Reportedly Deprioritized at Google

Stadia has reportedly failed to meet Google's standards.
Stadia has reportedly failed to meet Google's standards. / Chesnot/GettyImages

Google has taken a step back from its efforts to make Stadia the dominant game streaming platform, "deprioritizing" it and shifting focus to selling the underlying tech to third-parties, Insider reports.

Stadia struggled since its initial announcement, as the service failed to attract consumers during its protracted rollout. It has performed well below Google's expectations, per Insider. Google dealt the first public blow to Stadia's future last year, when it closed its internal game development studios. That moment was a pivot point for Stadia, as Google directed it to secure exclusive details with Peloton, Capcom and Bungie.

Now, Google is trying to license the underlying tech, which allows for streaming high-definition games with relatively low latency, as Google Stream. The Stadia platform itself is no longer a focus.

Google Stream has secured at least one major deal in the form of a game playable on Peloton bikes and powered by the technology.

Stadia itself responded to Insider's report Friday, saying it the Stadia team is "working really hard on a great future for Stadia and cloud gaming." It said 100 games were added to the service last year, with 50 games offered to Pro subscribers.