Stalling Junkrat Nabs Accidental 6K in Overwatch

This Junkrat pulled off the unlikeliest team wipe
This Junkrat pulled off the unlikeliest team wipe /

Sometimes the plan goes so far wrong it wraps back around into a smashing success.

That's exactly what happened in this clip from Overwatch player u/MiloReyes-97, who shared their experience to the game's subreddit Sunday.

In the clip, MiloReyes-97's Junkrat is late to the party. His entire team has just been completely wiped off the face of King's Row point A, leaving him alone to face the full six-stack about to claim the objective.

Taking stock of the situation, MiloReyes-97 decides it's better to die stalling, with honor, and rejoin their team than to turn tail and run. Accordingly, they launch themselves onto the point with a mine and land in the middle of the mob.

The next few moments are chaos: MiloReyes-97 spamming grenades, dropping a trap, tossing a concussion mine, flying through the air. The first enemy dies to the concussion mine, and MiloReyes-97 earns their ultimate. They activate it as they plummet toward Earth, and before anyone on the other team can react, the tire explodes, killing all but one of them in an instant.

MiloReyes-97 begins to celebrate, pasting their spray on the floor, before they realize the enemy Ana yet lives. They frantically launch a few stray shots, and one connects with Ana's forehead and blowing her away.

MiloReyes-97, alone on the point, lies down in the center to bask in the absurdity of the turnaround.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard