Star Guardian Xayah Release Date, Splash Art, Price, Rarity, How to Get

Star Guardian Xayah is coming soon alongside her in-game lover Rakan as a new legendary skin.

League of Legends' Star Guardian line is one of the most popular cosmetic lines in the entire game. Drawing upon inspiration from Sailor Moon, Star Guardian skins are a must-buy for many when they come out each year.

Here's everything you need to know about the knew Star Guardian Xayah skin.

Star Guardian Xayah Skin

Star Guardian Xayah will be the AD carry's fourth skin. She previously received a Samsung Galaxy and Sweetheart skin for both the 2017 World Championship and 2018 Valentine's Day event. She also got a Cosmic Dusk skin on release.

Star Guardian Xayah Splash Art

Star Guardian Xayah's splash art can be seen above. She's posing next to Rakan in the art, though she is featured by herself in the loading screen if selected.

Star Guardian Xayah Price

Star Guardian Xayah, a legendary League of Legends skin, will be available at 1820 RP.

Star Guardian Xayah Release Date

Star Guardian Xayah does not have a confirmed release date. Many expect her and Rakan's skins to be release during the League of Legends patch 9.18 cycle as they're currently available on the PBE.

How to Get Star Guardian Xayah

Star Guardian Xayah, upon release, will be available in the store and on her champion page.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games