Star Guardians 2019: Everything We Know So Far

Star Guardians 2019 is the hopeful return of the Star Guardian skin line to League of Legends after the initial release in 2015. Riot Games promised a new line of champions to receive the Star Guardians in 2019, but nothing has arrived as of yet.

Here is everything we know so far!

Star Guardians 2019 Release Date

Riot Games promised the community to launch the Star Guardian 2019 skin line with an event and there is only one more event before worlds in September. On top of that, Riot has expressed the desire to release the skins before worlds. Expect the skins to arrive sometime in late August or early September.

Star Guardians 2019 Game Mode

Will there be a game mode? Members of the Riot team have stated that Invasion Star Guardian Game Mode will not be making a return.

Star Guardians 2019 Champions

Besides the date of release, the next important information is on who will receive the actual skin. Speculation is all over the place, but one theory has these six champions as contenders: Zoe, Kayle, Morgana, Evelynn, Sylas, and Neeko.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games