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Star Wars Eclipse Announced During The Game Awards 2021

Image courtesy of Lucasfilm Games/Quantic Dream

Quantic Dream revealed its next game, Star Wars Eclipse, at The Game Awards 2021. Here's what we know so far.

Quantic Dream, the French studio behind the mulitinarrative adventure game Detroit: Become Human, has announced that their next project will be Star Wars Eclipse. The game was announced as part of The Game Awards 2021, where a cinematic trailer game fans a glimpse at what's to come.

While few details have been revealed so far, the game is said to be in the early stages of developement. The release date and platforms available for the game have yet to be confirmed, so it'll likely be some time before we see anything more concrete.

What has been confirmed, however, is that Star Wars Eclipse will be an "action-adventure, multiple-character branching narrative game” as mentioned on the game's official website. Given Quantic Dream's history of branching narrative games, such as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, it's likely this latest Star Wars story is in good hands.

According to the game's website, Star Wars Eclipse "lets you play as a diverse cast of charismatic characters, each with their own story, abilities, and role to play in the tapestry of events that could alter the carefully balanced peace of the Outer Rim."

As for the game's place in the series' lore, it's said to be part of the High Republic project, which places the events of Star Wars Eclipse 200 years before the original Star Wars trilogy.

No doubt Star Wars fans, new and old, will be curious about this one. Keep your eyes peeled for more information in the future.