Stardew Valley Patch 1.6.2 is Here

Big changes are coming this year for Stardew Valley.
Big changes are coming this year for Stardew Valley. / ConcernedApe

ConcernedApe released Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update on March 19, unleashing a plethora of new content to enjoy. Players can join mini fishing festivals, a three-day spring festival, and do much more, as shown on the official Stardew Valley website.

The developer launched Patch 1.6.1 soon after the major update. This one focused on bug fixes rather than new content. ConcernedApe announced another small patch yesterday. Patch 1.6.2 will also address minor in-game issues, though we’re unsure when it will release. More details about both patches are below.

Stardew Valley Patch 1.6.2 On The Way

This update includes changing translation errors, making the void egg poisonous, fixing the tea sprite issue, and more quality-of-life adjustments. Check out the complete list of changes:

  • Fixes an issue with Willy's rod
  • Fix for invisible tea sprites
  • Fixed an error in the Luau event in Portuguese
  • Fix for pre-1.6 basic wines looking messed up
  • Fix for a soft lock if you charged a tool and then strafed to a warp spot and released the tool while warping
  • Fix inedible ingredients being poisonous after turning into jelly or pickles
  • Adds scaling edibility to juice, jellies, wine and pickles
  • Volcano dwarf bombs now match regular dwarf bombs
  • Void egg is now poisonous
  • Adjusted adventure guild open hours on map
  • Various translation fixes

What’s in the Stardew Valley 1.6.1 Patch?

ConcernedApe launched this patch the same day the major update dropped. Here are the details in case you missed it:

  • Fixed botched German egg quest text (for new players going forward)
  • Prevent animal page from crashing when clicking on the scroll bar when there are a low number of animals
  • Fix Junimo harvester in save crash
  • Fix Meadowlands farm quest persisting if the farm icon was selected, but then another farm was started
  • Fixed the telephone robin house upgrade question being malformed
  • Improved cases where the quest title could go off the edge of the quest log
  • Fixed eyebrow accessory looking weird when fishing 
  • Don't allow clipboard to be set to a null string
  • Fixed crash when farmhand re-connects to town during green rain (and potentially other related crashes)
  • Fixed several map tile issues and places where forage could spawn out of bounds

Is Stardew Valley 1.6 Update Coming to Consoles and Mobile?

The update is currently available on PC via Steam and GOG and will soon be available on Game Pass. Does this mean that console and mobile players will be left behind? Absolutely not.

The 1.6 update will arrive on console and mobile platforms, but players must be patient. ConcernedApe shared that “console and mobile updates will follow as soon as they are ready. There is no current estimate for that, but they are actively in development.”