Starfield Infinite Money Glitch

Learn how to make tons of credits in Bethesda's space RPG.
Learn how to make tons of credits in Bethesda's space RPG. / Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield is one of 2023's most popular games so far. Players can spend several hours exploring a vast universe with over 1,000 planets. The game also has incredible features, including detailed character customization, fantastic combat, engaging side quests, and an intricate base-building system.

Credits, Starfield's in-game currency, can be used for buying many things. Players can use them to purchase houses, ships, and other helpful items to make space exploration easier. Money can be tough to get, though.

Luckily, players found a cheat that grants infinite credits in Starfield. Here's how to get lots of credits with little effort.

Starfield Infinite Money Glitch

Gamer8, a well-known site that provides valuable gaming guides, describes how to complete this glitch. vNivara found this glitch first. You can follow him on his YouTube channel.

According to both sources, you must earn your riches by obtaining a Boost Pack, a Power Boost Pack, and health packs. You'll also need to learn Rank 2 Boost Pack Training. Then, you're ready to start.

  1. Spawn at the New Atlantis Commercial District.
  2. Turn to the right and walk until you see an orange roof.
  3. Jump off the roof. 
  4. Cross the dam.
  5. Turn to the right and walk until you come across two platforms.
  6. Jump off the platform farthest from you and land on the ground beneath it.
  7. Drop down to the ledge that’s right under you.
  8. You should see a gap between a white platform and the ground. Jump through it using your Boost Pack.
  9. Climb up the rocks that are near the water.
  10. At this point, you’ll have to swim up the rocks. This is where the healing items come in, as you’ll get hurt while doing so.
  11. Go to the edge of the trench.
  12. You should be able to see a cliff from where you’re standing. Land in the middle of it using the Power Boost Pack.
  13. Go to the edge of the cliff and jump to the other side.
  14. Now, you can take the items from three storages: the Terrabrew Vendor Storage, the Jemison Mercantile Vendor Storage, and the Ship Services Vendor Storage.