Starfield Shattered Space Story Expansion: Release Date, Known Info

The Settled Systems is captivating.
The Settled Systems is captivating. / Bethesda Games Studio

Anyone into Bethesda's games knows that the developers make hefty DLC. Some of the most beloved expansion packs include The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles and Fallout 4's Far Harbor. Bethesda's newest universe, Starfield, is next in line for an expansion pack. Here's everything we know about the upcoming DLC for Starfield, Shattered Space.

Starfield Shattered Space Story Expansion Release Date

Shattered Space doesn't have a solid release date. Bethesda also hasn't disclosed what's in the expansion pack yet. Given the "story expansion" title, players might see additional quests, weapons, new gameplay features, and new characters. However, it's hard to tell at this point.

As mentioned by PC Invasion, Bethesda typically releases the first DLC for their games six months after release. If the company treats Starfield similarly, players can expect a DLC for the space RPG in March 2024.

The only way for players to get Shattered Space is by purchasing the Digital Premium Edition for $99.99 or the Constellation Edition for $299.99. The expansion pack isn't included in the Game Pass version of Starfield. Xbox Game Pass users will have to upgrade from the Standard Edition to play the DLC. Bethesda may sell the expansion separately so that Standard Edition buyers can also get it, but there are no promises.

Starfield Shattered Space Story Expansion Known Info

Bethesda hasn't announced what Shattered Space will focus on, but one would think it would further expand on the story of the Starborn. Considering how important the Starborn are to the game's overall narrative, further exploring the origins of important characters like The Hunter and The Emissary would be exciting content.

There are plenty of Bethesda DLC packs that have been popular in both The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series'. Hopefully the expansion also includes more faction-based quest lines considering the depth and detail in questlines surrounding the Crimson Fleet and UC Vanguard.