Starfield Starborn Armor: Full List of Every New Game+ Armor


WARNING: This story contains spoilers regarding Starfield's main quest line.

Starfield's Starborn Armor is one of the special New Game+ items players get once completing the main quest. It's a full spacesuit that doesn't require players to wear a helmet or boost pack to operate on planet surfaces.

Players come across the Starborn during the main quest and their intentions are made known to the player. We'll discuss further spoilers later down in the story, so if you haven't completed the main quest and don't want to get spoiled, turn back now.

Here's the full list of Starborn Armor players can get in Starfield.

Starfield Starborn Armor: Full List of Every New Game+ Armor

New Game+ Variant

Armor Name


First New Game+

Starborn Spacesuit Astra



Starborn Spacesuit Materia



Starborn Spacesuit Locus



Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris



Starborn Spacesuit Solis



Starborn Spacesuit Gravitas



Starborn Spacesuit Bellum



Starborn Spacesuit Tempus



Starborn Spacesuit Avitus


Tenth and Final

Starborn Spacesuit Venator


It's important to note that the Mass and Value for each Armor name will remain the same, but the perks will be randomized each time a player begins an NG+. Players can actually try to game the system by saving the game right before beginning a new NG+ to re-roll the perks/special features.

The same goes for the Physical, Energy and Electromagnetic Defense stats, and the Thermal, Airborne, Corrosive and Radiation Protection stats. The only thing that remains random are the perks.

How Long is the Starfield Main Quest?

The Starfield Main Quest can take players around 20-30 hours to complete depending on how fast they want to speed run it. Though, thankfully for players, each NG+ becomes even easier to complete each time. Players can speed run through to get to the tenth and final Starborn Spacesuit. Completing a NG+ main quest should take about an hour or so depending on player speed.

How to Begin a New Game+ in Starfield

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

Beginning a New Game+ is simple once players have collected all the artifacts. Players need to upload the Artifacts and build the Armillary on their ship. Once doing so, players can Grav Jump into the Unity. It is very important to note that players should save before doing so, because immediately Grav Jumping will begin a NG+. If you're not quite ready to begin a new journey, just carry the Artifacts on your person so you can Grav Jump normally.