Starfield Trailers Reveal Three New Locations

Image courtesy of Bethesda

Three videos detailing some upcoming locations were recently revealed to fans who had signed up for Starfield's Constellation updates.

Naturally, these exclusive videos soon found their way onto the wider internet. The clips, while short in nature, quickly detailed three locations which fans can expect to see once Starfield releases.

The first trailer takes players through New Atlantis, the captial city of the United Colonies. A bustling space port which houses the most powerful military faction in the game. The video described New Atlantis as "a true melting pot" of cultures.

The second trailer reveals the city of Neon, described as a pleasure city. Neon was initially a fishing city that soon turned it's attention to the drug trade, once a fish with "psychotropic properties" was discovered. The drug of choice is "Aurora," which is only legal in Neon.

The final trailer leads players through Akila City. It's the capital of the Freestar Collective, "a loose confederation of three distinct star systems." The city is home to a variety of people, living their lives through the sanctity of freedom and individuality. Akila City is surrounded by a wall, which intends to keep all sorts of alien predators out of the enclosure.

This is the first look at what's to be expected from Starfield since the Bethesda showcase at E3 2021. The showcase revealed the release date and confirmed the game's exclusivity to Xbox.

Starfield is due to release Nov.11, 2022 as an exclusive for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.