Starry Suburbs Added in Fortnite Patch 10.40

Starry Suburbs is a new location on the Fortnite map that went live Wednesday with the arrival of Fortnite Patch 10.40.

Starry Suburbs Fortnite: Everything You Need to Know

Originally leaked by data miners before the release of the patch, Starry Suburbs is a new Rift Zone and features a small neighborhood with a few houses and a larger building with a tower.

Players can find their way to Starry Suburbs by going north of Pleasant Park or southeast of Junk Junction.

Like other Rift Zones, players will notice that Starry Suburbs is surrounded by a giant bubble. Upon entering this zone, players will be greeted by a card saying "Starry Suburbs: Reach for the Stars!"

Inside the bubble surrounding Starry Suburbs, shooting stars will occasionally fall from the sky and land, granting players free loot. Loot dropped by these shooting stars range from ammo to a Legendary Tactical Submachine Gun that is exclusive to this zone.

While the location itself is small and insignificant, ignoring the presence of the shooting stars, it is possible that Starry Suburbs will be expanded upon in future updates, hinted by an unfinished house at the location.

Photo Courtesy of Epic Games