Status SAVANNAH Modern Warfare Explained

Status SAVANNAH in Modern Warfare is the newest error message that players might experience when trying to hop on online servers of the latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise. What does it mean, and how can players avoid getting the message?

Status SAVANNAH Modern Warfare

If you are getting Status SAVANNAH on your screen, it means that your console is disconnected from the server. After checking that you're still connected to the internet, close your game and make sure that you are updated to the latest version. The lack of any patches or updates means that you will not be able to access any of the servers, so make sure you take time to regularly update your game. Games that needed to be updated have been the cause of most "Status SAVANNAH"s around social media. PC users will get notifications anytime there is an update available, and console users can manually check for updates.

If this still does not fix the error code, check the extra data files being stored on either your console or PC, if there is any excess data that can be deleted from the game, delete it, and it will allow both your game and system of choice to run a lot more smoothly.

Photo courtesy of Activision