Status Savannah Warzone: How to Fix

Courtesy of Activision
Courtesy of Activision /

Status Savannah Warzone error code has been plaguing players as they load into Verdansk.

This is one of many current issues in Warzone, but thankfully Status Savannah should also be one of the easiest to fix.

Status Savannah Warzone: How to Fix

To find a fix to this annoying error code, first, it is important to know why the error is happening in the first place. Status Savannah occurs on a player's system when they don't have the most updated version of Warzone. To fix this, close the game and check for missing updates. When you have either updated the game fully or made sure that the update is installed and in use on the game, restart the application. If it works, you're in the clear. On console, another possible issue could be the console is not properly connected to the internet, therefore not allowing for the needed update to run properly.

If once all of these options are exhausted the game still shows the error, it may be wise to let the game sit for a while, and then to call Activision/Warzone Support for assistance if the problem still persists.