Steam Mobile App Redesign Finally Released

Valve, screenshot by DBLTAP

Steam has overhauled its mobile app after a long wait and anticipation from users. Originally released in 2010, the app has seen little change in design since its launch. Following its beta version announcement in August, this full release highlights the app's new features, uses, and design. Its partner app, Steam Chat, will also have updates implemented to its main features.

One of the app's more prominent new features is the capability to enable two-factor login with the PC Steam Client. Instead of entering a password, users can use the app's QR code function as a new way to log in.

Valve Releases Steam Mobile App Redesign

In a blog post announcing the update on Wednesday, a full list of its new features were listed. Most notable are the addition of custom notifications for wish list updates, releases, and more, plus the capability of remote downloading games and updates to your respective PC. Additionally, the app can be used to confirm logins without using a QR code, and also to confirm or deny access to devices connected to your account.

Lastly, Valve added that this isn't the end of significant Steam updates. Soon to follow are new notification types, the ability to use a QR code login on Steam Deck, and the potential to see a full list of authorized devices on the Steam Client and web browser.