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Steam Next Fest: What is it?

Photo courtesy of Steam

Steam Next Fest kicked off today, June 16, offering hundreds of demos and lots of fresh news about new and upcoming PC games.

Following E3 2021, Steam Next Fest is another big event for anyone interested in PC gaming. From now until June 22, Steam is providing players with a week of hands-on experiences trying out over 700 upcoming titles. The event is packed full of indie games spanning every genre, from RPG to Puzzle to Platformer.

Steam Next Fest: What is it?

Steam Next Fest is a "week-long celebration of upcoming games" that invites players to try any and all games that catch their eye.

Games on display include Omno, a single-player adventure through a land of wonder; Cris Tales, a classic JRPG-inspired game with its own twist; Inscryption, a deck-building roguelike with elements of escape room puzzles and psychological horror; and many, many more.

Steam Next Fest games screenshot
A selection of games on Steam Next Fest

The event spans genres including Action, Adventure, Strategy, Simulation, RPG, Puzzle, Platformer, Horror, Sports, and even VR. There's truly something for everyone here, and even picky gamers are likely to find something of their liking.

Alongside over 700 demos, there'll also be livestreams where developers discuss their newest titles and streamers showcase new games. For those into indie and PC gaming, it's not an event to miss.