Steam Return Policy Explained

Steam has many compelling titles to choose from.
Steam has many compelling titles to choose from. / Valve

Steam is a popular digital distribution service with almost 30,000 games to choose from. This popular PC gaming platform has everything from multiplayer shooters to cozy simulations. 

Some players may wonder how returning digital games might work, and Steam's return policies might be a little tricky to understand. Here's some basic information about Steam's refund policies. 

Steam Return Policy Explained

First, you may request a refund for any reason through the Steam support page. According to the official Steam refunds page, Valve will consider the return even if you want to return a game because you weren't into it. They will look into the case as long as the request is made within two weeks of purchase and the game hasn't been played for more than two hours. 

Valve will issue a full refund within a week of approval. You'll receive the funds through Steam Wallet, digital funds used for the Steam Store, or the original payment method.

The rules differ for other types of purchases. DLCs are refundable within 14 days if the main game has been played for less than two hours since buying the downloadable content. Users should also be sure that the DLC hasn't been played, changed, or transferred to qualify for a refund. 

The 14-day/two-hour rule also applies to refunds on pre-purchased items. On top of that, you can ask for a refund before the game's release date.

Unlike the last scenarios, Steam will give a refund within 48 hours for in-game purchases in Valve-developed games. Of course, the in-game items cannot be used, changed, or transferred for the return to go through.

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