Steam Summer Sale Dates Leak Alongside Loyalty Program

The Steam Summer Sale dates leaked Friday.
The Steam Summer Sale dates leaked Friday. / Courtesy of Valve

The dates for the Steam Summer Sale leaked Friday alongside details for a new loyalty rewards system.

The Steam Summer Sale will begin June 25 and run through July 9, according to Steam Database developer Pavel Djundik. Although SteamDB has no official affiliation with Valve, it frequently leaks credible information. Last week, the site revealed Yakuza: Like a Dragon would arrive on PC ahead of the official announcement.

Djundik also claims a loyalty program giving users rewards for continued use is on the way. Users would earn reward points that could be redeemed for digital items, badge levels, and possibly discounts on game purchases.

The system would also allow users to add reactions to Steam reviews. Djundik discovered files for the reaction options that include "deep thoughts," "heartwarming," "hot take," and "poetry."

The introduction of a loyalty system could be Valve's next salvo in the battle for control of the virtual games marketplace against competitors such as Epic Games, GOG and more.