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Stickers to Debut in Apex Legends Season 15

"Stickers will be a permanent addition, with more coming in future seasons and events."
"Stickers will be a permanent addition, with more coming in future seasons and events." / Respawn Entertainment

Stickers are a new type of cosmetic coming to Apex Legends with the launch of Season 15, according to a report by Dexerto on Monday.

With the launch of Apex Legends: Eclipse right around the corner, Respawn Entertainment has held press events revealing some new stuff coming to the game with its latest major patch. As such, here's a breakdown of everything you need to know about Stickers in Apex Legends.

What Are Stickers in Apex Legends?

Per Dexerto, while the likes of skins, Banner accessories, Charms, and more have long allowed players to customize their favorite Legends and weapons, Stickers will add a touch of personalization to players' health and shield-restoring items.

Respawn Entertainment, Dexerto

For instance, as seen in the Apex Legends: Eclipse Gameplay Trailer, the Shield Cell in the clip has an Apex Games Sticker on it.

The list of items that Stickers can be placed on include:

  • Shield Cell
  • Shield Battery
  • Phoenix Kit
  • Health Injector (Syringe/Med Kit)
Respawn Entertainment, Dexerto

Of course, it's fitting to see more customization for the game's healing items, considering the healing animations for the Syringe, Medkit, Shield Cell, Shield Battery and Phoenix Kit were all recently updated in Apex Legends with the Beast of Prey Collection Event patch.

The concept of Stickers coming to Apex Legends was seemingly first leaked back in May, although it was speculated that they would be placeable on weapons instead.

Apex Legends: Eclipse is set to begin on Nov. 1.

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