Stim Glitch Warzone: Is It Back?

Is the Stim Glitch back in Warzone?
Is the Stim Glitch back in Warzone? / Photo by Activision Blizzard/Treyarch

The Stim Glitch in Warzone may be making a return.

Season 1 for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is well underway now and already there have been a number of bugs appearing in both the main game and in Warzone. However, it would seem that amongst all of these new bugs, an old nemesis has made its return to Warzone in the form of the Unlimited Stimshot Glitch.

Stim Glitch Warzone: Is It Back?

This clip by the YouTuber BasilDoomHD confirms the unlimited stim glitch has indeed made its return to Warzone. This will no doubt prove to be an annoyance for many in the Warzone community as it means there are even more ways for players to cheat their way to a win.

Neither Activision, Treyarch, nor Raven Software have made a statement on the matter, most likely due to them attempting to rectify the even more broken invisibility glitch that was discovered a few days ago. We will be sure to keep you all updated on the situation. For now, you had best pay close attention to your opponents. Because they might be juicing it up in a bush or a corner somewhere without you knowing about it.