Stimshot Returns in Black Ops Cold War Beta

Stimshot will be making its return in Black Ops Cold War.
Stimshot will be making its return in Black Ops Cold War. / Photo courtesy of PrestigeIsKey

Going back to the beginning of gaming, there has been one question that every player has had in mind—to rush or not to rush?

For those looking to play aggressively during the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta, have no fear because the Stimshot is back.

The Black Ops Cold War beta added a requirement for players to rank up to level four in order to unlock the ever-important Create-a-Class feature. As such, one choice every player must make is which tactical equipment to choose. Although these options typically don't deal with lethal damage, tactics enable players to play more strategically, in or out of combat.

Returning to the Call of Duty battleground for the third consecutive year in a row is the Stimshot which, unlocking at level six, is a reusable stimulant that initiates healing immediately.

In terms of healing, Treyarch has been known to push the boundaries for what the game mechanic can consist of, and the Stimshot is one that tends to divide players in whether or not they are too game-changing to a fault.

The ability to pop a Stimshot can drastically change a gunfight. It can be the difference between having to completely disengage, and being able to continue to hold an angle.

In Modern Warfare, using Stimshot also became popular for its ability for players to recover/maintain their tactical sprint.

With the return of Stimshots, it will be interesting to see just how much Black Ops Cold War can appeal to those who prefer a more traditional FPS experience down the line.