Stone Head Statue Fortnite Location

Stone Head Statue Fortnite is one of the challenges for the Roadtrip questline, but this is the third part of one of the challenges. You first need to visit a dinosaur and a Drift-painted Durr Burger head. Once you do that, you'll be asked to visit the Stone Head in your next match.

There is only one on the map.

Stone Head Statue Fortnite Location

To find the Stone Head Statue, you need to head to the north of Polar Peak and southwest of Neo Tilted.

No need to dance or wear a specific outfit or pickaxe; once you reach the head, you'll finish the three part challenge. Fortnite constantly changes things every season, and Season 10 is no different. Epic Games introduced mechs to the game, and though it's a good thing Epic Games saved the change until after the $3 million Fortnite World Cup, the change does seem abrupt.

We'll see how long they last or if the community will hate them like the planes.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games