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Stone Pig Fortnite: Where to Find Fortbyte #69

Stone pig Fortnite clues players into where to find Fortbyte #69. Here's where to look.

Stone pig Fortnite is the clue to the latest Fortbyte challenge. That clue is one of the most explicit in the short history of these collectibles and their mystery hints. Here's where to find Fortbyte #69.

Stone Pig Fortnite: Where to Find Fortbyte #69

Fortbyte #69 is trivial to find if you know the Fortnite map well. After all, there's only one giant stone pig on the entire island, narrowing the options down nicely.

To find the pig, head southeast of Lucky Landing, following the coastline to the east. You'll find the pig just west of where the grass meets the desert sands.

Make your way inside the pig either by editing or smashing the walls outside and you'll be able to pick up the collectible without any extra steps — no required skin or back bling, no required time of day, nothing but finding it and interacting.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games